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4’ x 100’ Stainless Steel Root Guard™ Gopher Wire Roll - Keep Gophers Away for Years!

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4' x 100'
Root Guard™ Stainless Steel Gopher Wire Roll

Sold by the roll
Minimum order: 1 wire roll
Size: 4 feet wide by 100 feet long (400 square feet)
Weight: 51lbs

  • 20-gauge T-304 (18-8) Stainless Steel ¾” Hexagonal Wire Mesh
  • Wire Strand Diameter 0.035" / 0.89mm
  • The High-Grade mesh is made of T-304 Stainless Steel wire; also referred to as 18-8, which is the same Stainless Steel used to make silverware. This Super-Duty wire will provide ten+ years of protection in harsh environments such as under lawns.
  • Our wire rolls are used under anywhere you do not want your landscape disturbed by gophers: Use the one-hundred-foot-long rolls for large jobs such as under natural and artificial turf lawns, and athletic fields; multiple in-ground and raised planter beds; under gravel and dry set stone areas and paths.