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How Many Cigarettes Have You Made?

How many cigarettes has your Revolution Electric Cigarette Machine made?

1.  Press 'Load' four times to get the 'Start' light blinking.

2. With the 'Start' light blinking, press and hold the 'Load' button until the 'Start' light goes out, then release the 'Load' button. 

3.  The following lights will blink in succession, and you need to count the number of blinks for each and write them down.

'Stop'                'Door Open'            'Add Tobacco'             'Clean'

____                      _____                      _____                             ______

Then, add a zero to the end, and that is the number of cigarettes made so far. (Note: The counter rolls over at 100,000)


'Stop'                'Door Open'            'Add Tobacco'            'Clean'                  

2 blinks             4 blinks                    6 blinks                     1 blink

2461, plus a zero = 24,610 cigarettes made

How much have you saved with the Revolution cigarette machine?

There are 200 cigarettes in a carton, so 24,610 / 200 = 123 cartons made

If you save $70 per carton, you have saved $8,610 (123 cartons X $70)

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