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Tobacco Dust Eliminator for the Powermatic 3

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Tobacco Dust Eliminator for the Powermatic 3

The Tobacco Dust Eliminator is a self-contained, sealed, and reinforced unit that removes much of the tobacco dust from your tobacco.

This improves the integrity of your cigarettes and improves your smoking experience.

And, for those of you using the Powermatic 3, in addition to the above benefits, it also helps to cut down on the frequent jams due to tobacco dust. This will save down time, frustration, and the cost of shipping your machine out for repairs.



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    Posted by tklemko on Jun 15th 2022

    Total waste of money. The sieve is too large and lets usable tobacco through. If you use this product you will be wasting a lot of usable tobacco. It is messy because it is attached to the box it is hard to empty without getting tobacco all over the counter. I threw it away, more trouble than it's worth.
    Ouch - We are sorry this item didn't meet your expectations. We have ordered the raw materials to make you one with smaller mesh. We will get it shipped out to you later this week.

  • 3
    Great idea , Needs improvement

    Posted by Donna Hager on Jun 25th 2021

    This is a great idea. The only problem I have is too much tobacco falls threw the screen. The screen needs to have smaller screen holes. Then this would be perfect!