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15-Gallon RootGuard Heavy Duty Gopher Wire Basket - Keep Gophers Away for 6-10 Years!

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15-Gallon RootGuard Heavy Duty Gopher Wire Basket

RootGuard Heavy Duty Gopher-guard baskets are made of twenty-gauge, three-quarter-inch hex mesh, and the wire strands are hot-dipped galvanized before weaving. They are packaged flat for easy storage, generously sized to allow for root growth, top 3 inches painted green to blend into the landscape, can be removed at the end of the season for reuse the next year. The gopher-guard baskets are free standing once formed for easy planting, and to permit upsizing to allow for even more root growth. 

Humane and effective, these sturdy baskets are superior to chicken or aviary wire for barring gophers from your plant's roots.

Just set the basket in the plant hole with the green wire above-ground to block the overland route. Put the plant inside, backfill with soil and you're done!